4 ways to optimize your employees’ work

Have you ever tried to to  optimize your employees’ work?  Did you know that 85% of employees think they could be more efficient? These employees feel that they’re not living up to their potential because their skills are not being properly used. This amounts to $23,600 dollars in lost productivity per employee!

Unhappy employees are not anxious to go back to work and may end up quitting if they see their tasks as too time-consuming or below their skill level. Talented employees want to be able to do more, hone their skills, improve themselves and feel that they are part of your organization.

It’s actually not that complicated to re-motivate them.
Here are four ways to  optimize your employees’ work. The changes you make will have the added benefit of helping you expand your business!

Reduce paper to avoid wasted time

A great deal of time is lost scanning piles and piles of paper, and even more time is lost printing documents! Sometimes documents are printed even when the original is digital, because the processes in place don’t allow otherwise. Paper-based processes cause many business inefficiencies. And it’s so frustrating to lose an important paper and have to spend hours looking for it!

Minimize the risk of error to appease frustration 

If your processes are mostly paper-based, your employees often have to manually enter new data into your systems on a daily basis. But this manual input leads to plenty of errors. So employees need to spend a fair bit of time checking the reliability of the data a second time. It’s frustrating and tiring. Are you looking for ways to avoid errors? Here are a few tips to help make your data more reliable.

Facilitate access to your company’s data to increase productivity

Not only is it easy to make errors in your data, but it’s hard to locate the information you want in a hurry.  Any organization generates an endless stream of documents. And the more your business improves, the more you produce. So managing all those documents becomes very complicated. Searching for information is a real problem when a growing company has an increased number of documents. On average, an employee will spend 2.5 hours a week looking for information. It’s no surprise that most employees see this as a hardship! It’s in your best interest to automate and centralize your document management.

Automate repetitive processes to optimize your employees’ work

Automating repetitive processes is key in re-motivating your employees. No one likes to repeat the same task day in and day out, and employees aspire to something more.  According to the Aberdeen Group, 53% of organizations still use manual processes for their day-to-day activities. There are so many simple but boring processes that can be easily automated without having to overhaul your organization. By doing so, you can re-assign the freed-up employees to activities that will help expand your department and the company.

Do you want to make these changes and perhaps go further? Contact us to find out how you can optimize the work your employees do and put smiles back on their faces through some quick and simple steps.