4 reasons to shift away from scanning and manually entering purchase orders

Purchase orders are crucial for any business because they’re the first step in the order-to-cash cycle, yet they are often neglected. Maybe you feel it would be difficult to optimize this part of the purchase process because you depend on your customers and, for the most part, they still use traditional means of sending their purchase orders.

What often slows down the order process, however, isn’t how the PO is sent but rather its manual processing. Most retail supply chain purchase orders are sent electronically, but they still need to be processed manually because companies don’t know how else to do it. It’s easy to ask your customers to send their orders in PDF, but then you also have to reduce your manual processing of paper documents.

Why? Here are 4 reasons to shift away from scanning and manually entering purchase orders:

Improve the accuracy of your data

Processing purchase orders involves scanning piles upon piles of paper every month. Every PO scanned needs to be entered in the system, either through OCR or manual data entry. This process results in inaccurate input in the systems. By choosing a solution that automatically extracts data from PDF orders, you avoid errors at the source.

Lower your costs and save time

It’s a well-established fact that producing paper is costly. Moreover, the time your staff spends scanning purchase orders and manually entering information can’t be overlooked. By reducing manual handling, you’ll speed up the process and your employees will be able to devote their time to activities that add more value. The return on investment will be more apparent.

Motivate your employees

Since your employees will be able to focus on more relevant activities, chances are that they will be more motivated in their work. Nobody is really passionate about scanning paper documents all day long, let alone manually keying in data.

Improve the customer experience

Lastly, processing a PO is a crucial step in the relationship with your customers. It is the perfect time to impress them. Manual processes increase delays and lead to customer frustration.

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