4 challenges faced daily by print service providers

You are a print service provider and your day consists of managing multiple requests to print and mail documents.

It’s much easier for your customers. But what about you? Do you sometimes find it hard to manage the addressing? Do your customers make extra requests that are more specific, like managing the mailings for a multilingual campaign, or making their promotional messages even more personalized?

All of these services that you either provide or would like to offer require a lot of file and data management, manual checking, and even knowledge of graphics.

Here are the main obstacles you encounter:

1) Addressing and avoiding “returns to sender”

When your job is to send hundreds or thousands of mail items for your customers, one of the repeated tasks is to address the envelopes. It may seem simple, but it’s actually a rather delicate exercise.

Each address has to be checked and placed in the exact right position. The problem lies in the fact that your addresses don’t all look the same. They differ in size, depending on the street or city, and their format changes from one country to the next. So you need to do plenty of checking, and errors are inevitable.

2) Troublesome management of multilingual campaigns

Some of your customers need their campaigns to be created in a number of languages. Since it sometimes proves difficult to manage, they turn to you, their printing service provider, to do the job.

You end up with two or more different files and have to completely restart the composition, addressing and insertion for each of the required languages—all for a single customer.

3) Highly personalized documents: a new challenge

Your customers know that to stand out from their competitors they need to personalize their promotional messages, and they’re doing so at an increasing frequency. To provide them with optimum service, you’d like to be able to offer them the option of having you set up their documents, and therefore manage their variable data printing (VDP).

You’re convinced of the benefits of VDP, but the solutions you’ve found are too complicated and require a certain level of graphics knowledge. What a showstopper!

4) Data formats that are a bit too varied for your software

On top of everything else, your customers have a wide variety of formats.
So sometimes you need to ask them to resend their data in another format because it’s not compatible with your software. Some customers will do it fairly easily, but it’s impossible for others, because they too are held hostage by their hard-to-manipulate data.

Potential customers are slipping away.

Is this happening to you?

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