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3 ways to protect your IT investment

These days, as business becomes increasingly digital and you move toward automating all of your operations, there is an ever greater need to always have your organization’s applications up and running.

We previously mentioned in a recent blog post that reducing the downtime of your applications that are accessible, or at least visible, to customers as much as possible is key to maintaining healthy customer relations.

However, this is not simply a matter of the image you project to your customers and your online reputation. Much more is at stake!

As a rule, it is important to ensure that your systems, even those that are not actually visible to your customers, are always up and running, because you invest a great deal of money into implementing them. You might as well make sure that they are serving your business at all times without interruption! As your company’s future is increasingly entrusted to systems, you must be able to rely on those systems so you can have peace of mind. As with any multi-year investment, you have to try to avoid losing your investment and even try to grow it. However, if your systems are down for too long or, even worse, shut down permanently, you will lose all of the money you initially invested.

So how can you protect your IT investment?

Here are 3 strategies for reducing the risk of downtime:

Enhance your investment with regular updates

By updating your systems, you can benefit from improvements, new features and often enhanced performance. It would be a shame to do without! In addition, updates reduce security threats and risks of attack because they often address the vulnerabilities found. So be sure to select the automatic updates option when you purchase a new system!

Access round-the-clock technical support

While you were likely trained to operate your systems when you purchased them, you didn’t design them and you don’t know the full extent of the behind-the-scenes programming. Unfortunately, when a serious problem arises, you don’t have time to solve it yourself. And if you try to do so in a hurry, you may not realize the extent of the problem and go for a superficial fix. In the long term, this could worsen the situation! Instead, leave the problem solving to the technical support designated to the system you purchased. You’ll benefit from specialized teams that know the solutions like the back of their hand!

Consider a quick, easy backup if something goes wrong

Imagine your automated billing system stops working while in full swing at the beginning of the month, when you have to send out all the invoices to your clients. While the support team successfully determines the problem, you have to waste your evening starting all over because the invoices absolutely must be sent out for the next day. Did you know you can get backup licences for your critical systems, which can resume the work in real time from the moment a problem occurs with your primary system? That way, you won’t experience any service disruptions at the time of the month when every minute counts!

Do you appreciate the importance of protecting your IT investment and want to sleep more soundly at night? Contact us to learn more about our OL Care programs.