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3 tips for a successful digital transformation

In your digital quest, your company will certainly have to adopt new digital solutions. For your employees to adopt them, they must be well supported to overcome resistance to change. This requires a clear procedure, patience and good communication.

Olivier, Professional Services Manager at Objectif Lune, is regularly in contact with users concerned about digital transformation. He helps them define their digital needs and implement adequate solutions. He advises us so that your digital transformation goes as smoothly as possible.

Succeed in implementing new digital solutions

  • Prepare the ground: digital transformation is a long-haul project. Before anything else, identify the needs upstream, whether in personnel, time or hardware. Inform your employees about the new project to come, plan the different stages and clear the necessary time. Finally, ensure you are able to give people from outside your company access to your resources. The developer will certainly need such access to implement the solution. Sometimes this requires requests for authorization that may slow down the project, to access confidential data, for example. It is wise to account for this when analyzing the project.
  • Reduce the intermediaries: To be able to create a relation of trust with your developer, it is better to deal with him directly. You can express your needs to him in detail and ensure he has understood your request clearly. This will guarantee the correlation between your expectations and the proposed solution. It will also be easier for you to ask the developer for minor adjustments, if necessary. Developing good cohesion among the different stakeholders is a guarantee of success!
  • Involve the end user in the implementation process: What’s the good of installing new software if nobody uses it? Don’t hesitate to involve the end user from the beginning of the project. The end users are directly concerned by the change and know the needs best because they are faced with them every day. Of course, management must also be included: having the support of the senior executives can give the project credibility and attraction.

At Objectif Lune, we think the key to success is for everyone to progress at their own pace! That’s why we support our clients in their digital transformation, one step at a time. Don’t hesitate to consult our solutions to find the method that suits you!


Olivier has been Professional Services Manager for the past 4 years at Objectif Lune in Montréal. He directs a team that installs IT solutions in companies throughout North America. Previously, he was part of the technical support and solutions development team.

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