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PlanetPress Connect at Point


With a twitter handle like @biggestbossfan, I knew Craig Green would be a delight to interview. And getting introduced to PlanetPress Connect by Didier, our CEO, in a pub at the Johannesburg Airport makes him that much cooler. In this article Craig gives us his first impressions of PlanetPress Connect. I am the New Media […]

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PlanetPress How-To: Simple Dynamic Contents Script


This tip is especially useful when doing dynamic Web Contexts, however it’s great if you have multilingual contents. When you drag an existing snippet on your page and insert it as a Shared Content, it will simply create an article element pointing to the script source file. Whenever output is generated (in any context), PlanetPress […]

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PlanetPress for Life: #OL20PARTY


Three weeks ago, we had the most awesome party to celebrate our 20th anniversary happening this year and the launch of our new products. The #OL20Party was an awesome success and the best part of it was, everything was running on PlanetPress products. Well, almost everything! So here I am, describing what we did, how […]

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No, I mean, really, what is Capture OnTheGo?


Alright so you’ve looked at the Capture OnTheGo website, you’ve seen the presentation and the solutions overview. Maybe you even read the whole documentation! And yet if you’re like a lot of other people that went through these motions, maybe you’re still sitting there going… But what do I DO with it? What is it, really? […]

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Giveaway: Objectif Lune wallpaper

It’s been a while since we’ve made wallpapers for the giving. And what better time than the year we turn 20! We used this pattern for our celebrations this month in Montreal and loved it so much that we want to share the prettiness. We have some for different screen sizes and also for your […]

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5 PlanetPress workflow ideas


In the days when computers were big and the internet was just beginning, someone asked the question: ‘Can you help me automate my faxes?’ Not one to turn down a challenge, the guys at Objectif Lune set off to see what they could. And that was how the workflow tool began. Prior to automation, the […]

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5 Reasons to say no to pre-printed paper

Pre-printed stationery

PlanetPress was traditionally all about taking data from host systems and using the content to control the layout of the document: if the data contains “invoice”, then merge it with an invoice page, if it contains “credit note” then use a credit note page. When PlanetPress v7 was released it had a new featured called “document […]

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PrintShop Mail how-to: Selecting trays


Sometimes you just need a little trick to make your work day that much more enjoyable and this could be it. This trick is for you if you have multiple layouts and you need to switch between trays but do not think it’s fun. To simplify your task if your printer supports different paper trays, […]

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