Capitalizing on theData-Driven Customer Communications opportunity

Remember back in the day? When Web communications emerged and businesses started creating electronic content, typically PDF versions of their printed documents? It changed the way we share information.

Aon and the Efficiency Manager

17 September, 2015 BY

Everyone wants a purpose in life and fulfilling work. Mundane tasks such as paper sorting is less than 1% (I’m just guessing) of the population idea of fulfilling and that’s where Rick Loiben comes in. He is the Operations Manager at Aon also unofficially…

Behind PrintShop Mail Connect

3 September, 2015 BY

PrintShop Mail already was the easiest to use Variable Data Communications tool around. That’s what it’s best known for. So, when starting to work on a new concept that will allow for a single designer to create both commercial and transactional communications, PrintShop Mail was…

Top 5 improvements of PrintShop Mail

7 August, 2015 BY

The world was introduced to PrintShop Mail through Atlas way back when and when Objectif Lune got its hands on it, not much changed besides a few tweeks and jiggles because it was a solid solution that worked great for print shops and organizations that needed an easy VDP solution.

Groupe LDL + PlanetPress = <3

25 June, 2015 BY

Just recently, I saw how my marketing messages was just that. I got a chance to meet up with some customers and was blown away by the genuine, not-paid-for love for us and saw my marketing messages all come out in their interview.

3 PrintShop Mail how-to’s

11 June, 2015 BY

For those who have yet to come face-to-face with its full capabilities, let me tell you, PrintShop Mail is a personalization machine.

5 more PlanetPress Workflow ideas

25 May, 2015 BY

After dealing with a very wide variety of customers over the years it has become fairly obvious that PlanetPress Workflow can meet the needs of nearly every one of them.