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7 Ways Barcodes Make Your Life Easier


Over the last 15 years, I seen many examples of barcodes improving business processes. That’s because bar codes are used to allow information to be transferred from printed media to another system or process automatically. My first application that used barcodes in anger was at the Digital Print World exhibition. We created a Digital Show […]

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PlanetPress for Work: Email Notifications


  “I’m excited to categorize data so I know who to send emails to” said nobody ever. As a marketer, I enjoying hearing about what users think about our products and finding out ways to communicate to them. But something I do not like doing is, thinking about what needs to happen with the data […]

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PrintShop Mail How-to’s: Remove Empty Lines of Text


I get this question asked a lot: ‘How do I remove empty lines of text?’. Because usually the intention of a mail merge is personalization. You want to send a mail piece specific to your customer or prospect but sometimes, a customer has a suite number but another doesn’t. In PrintShop Mail, you can remove […]

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PlanetPress for Life: Getting Song Lyrics Through Web Services


I play bass in a rock band. We cover our own songs but we also do covers of popular songs. When we do, one thing we need is the song’s lyrics, which nowadays is a relatively easy thing to find. We usually search the Internet, find an official or good enough source, then just copy […]

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PrintShop Mail how-to: Create a IMb Barcode


As part of the sales team,  I get a lot of questions about PrintShop Mail.  One I often get is how do I create an IMb barcode? This one is quite popular in the US because this barcode is what the USPS (US Post Office) requires for a bulk rate credit. So here it goes, […]

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New OL YouTube pages


I’m sure you’ve noticed recently how beautiful our websites are looking recently. The team has been hard at work behind these scenes making everything shiny and new and as user friendly as possible. Along with all the new changes coming to the OL product pages and corporate web site, we thought we’d spruce up the […]

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Capture for Work : Archiving patient files


This morning as I sat in the metro, I took out my journal and started writing. It got me thinking, I love the feel of pen on paper and I am sure others do too. And some people don’t want to give that up. So in this article I show off how you can digitalized […]

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What do you sell?


Si vous êtes du cru des années 70/80, vous connaissez forcément 9 semaines ½ (Nine ½ Weeks)… Avec la belle Elizabeth McGraw (Kim Basinger) divorcée, qui travaille à la Spring Street Gallery, une galerie d’art de New York, jusqu’au moment du ‘‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’’ de Joe Cocker. (Bon, ok les filles : le […]

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What PlanetPress means for healthcare


I got introduced to PlanetPress when I was at Canon. I saw the software as something that would differentiate me from everyone else. At that time, PlanetPress was on license based and used mostly for speeding up output. I was able to optimize forms and thus utilize the speed of the printers I was selling. […]

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Behind the insurance scene


I found Charlie Haight on LinkedIn in our PlanetPress user group. Subtle comments about his experiences with PlanetPress caught my attention. I knew when he answered my question about connecting systems he was knee deep in PlanetPress and that I needed to talk to him. Charlie is the owner of Cedar Springs Technology, a group […]

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