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Going Digital at Your Own Pace

4 / 2 / 2016 BY

Going digital: everybody’s talking about it. For some people, it’s a no-brainer and has been reality for a number of years. Others are still struggling to digitize their business procedures. Any way you look at it, the future is digital. But making the switch is complicated. Here are some first steps that will make it easier for you to go digital. > Read More

Use Case: Personalising Your Greeting Cards

14 / 1 / 2016 BY

At the end of each year, Objectif Lune sends out thousands of greeting cards to its partners and customers around the world. This time we wanted to make something different, but most importantly, something more interactive. After all, that’s what Objectif Lune does best: improve customer communications and make them more interactive. Why not apply that to greeting cards? > Read More

Five principles for optimizing your transactional output

12 / 11 / 2015 BY

A tremendous amount of information is sent to consumers every day, and companies are forced to differentiate themselves to stand out from the crowd. Based on the 2015 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study by Silverpop, transactional messages continue to generate much higher customer engagement than broadcast email. > Read More

Choosing a comprehensive field service solution

29 / 10 / 2015 BY

Did you know that 80% of printing by companies is related to transactions? This means invoices, purchase orders, delivery slips and payment confirmations. And yet most of these materials are originally created electronically. What a waste of time and money for companies to end up printing them! What if you had a tool to skip many of the time-consuming steps in your transactional process?> Read More

Customer experience fit for a king

14 / 10 / 2015 BY

Information systems perform various functions for organizations; functions like accounting, finance, purchasing, human resources and sales. Larger organizations sometimes opt for integrated systems that can handle all of these functions. In other words, their reaction is well established: address problems with systems, expensive systems.> Read More

Aon and the Efficiency Manager

17 / 9 / 2015 BY

Everyone wants a purpose in life and fulfilling work. Mundane tasks such as paper sorting is less than 1% (I’m just guessing) of the population idea of fulfilling and that’s where Rick Loiben comes in. He is the Operations Manager at Aon also unofficially…> Read More

Behind PrintShop Mail Connect

3 / 9 / 2015 BY

PrintShop Mail already was the easiest to use Variable Data Communications tool around. That’s what it’s best known for. So, when starting to work on a new concept that will allow for a single designer to create both commercial and transactional communications, PrintShop Mail was…> Read More

Top 5 improvements of PrintShop Mail

7 / 8 / 2015 BY

The world was introduced to PrintShop Mail through Atlas way back when and when Objectif Lune got its hands on it, not much changed besides a few tweeks and jiggles because it was a solid solution that worked great for print shops and organizations that needed an easy VDP solution.> Read More