Les nouveautés OL Connect 2019.2

16 / 4 / 2020 BY

Il est encore plus facile d’utiliser OL Connect grâce à toutes les fonctionnalités et améliorations que nous avons ajoutées à notre système. Cette version a été conçue pour rendre OL Connect compatible avec un plus grand nombre de logiciels de tiers pour faciliter la…> Read More

Future of Digital Ethics: Is your organisation ready for 2030?

8 / 4 / 2020 BY

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. An unsurprising prediction considering there is some form of automation to cater to almost every industry imaginable, including healthcare, legal, distribution, manufacturing, and many others. With technology…> Read More

Communiqué d’Objectif Lune au sujet du COVID-19

13 / 3 / 2020 BY

Continuité des activités – Pandémie Covid-19 Nous sommes tous directement concernés par la pandémie de Covid-19. Chez Objectif Lune, la santé et la sécurité de nos employés, clients, partenaires et communautés est toujours une priorité. Nous suivons donc la situation de très près, autant…> Read More

Objectif Lune’s statement – COVID-19

13 / 3 / 2020 BY

Business Continuity – Covid-19 Pandemic We are all directly concerned by the Covid-19 pandemic. At Objectif Lune, the health and safety of our employees, customers, partners, and communities are always a priority. We are therefore monitoring the situation very closely, both globally and locally,…> Read More

Everything New with OL Connect 2019.2

4 / 3 / 2020 BY

Using OL Connect to communicate has become even easier with the new additional features and improvements we have added to our system. The focus of this release was to make OL Connect compatible with even more 3rd party software to facilitate all our customers.…> Read More

The Banking Digital Trends Going into 2020

5 / 2 / 2020 BY

Data is trending in 2020, and this rings true for the financial sector, even more so than any other. The introduction of transparency has perhaps affected the banking industry more than any other. Previously, banks were notorious for being extremely slow in adapting to…> Read More